Power Flushing

Experiencing problems with your central heating sytem? It could need a power flush.

Power Flushing

By flushing your central heating you will save money on heating bills by improving your heating systems effectiveness and performance. This means your gas bills are much higher than they need to be and they are not environmentally friendly.

The purpose of our Powerflush service is to remove any excess debris, like magnetite and sludge, that can build up in your heating system over time.

Boiler Manufacturers / Maintenance Contracts

Many boiler manufacturers and central heating maintenance contracts require your system to be cleansed at least every 5 years, to prevent breakdowns and to protect your guarantee on the boiler and your heating system.

It’s also very important to carry out regular servicing and maintenance to prevent future break downs occurring.

Signs You Need a Powerflush

  • Cold areas on radiators e.g. at the bottom
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
  • Heating is slow to warm up
  • Cloudy tap water(limescale in system)
  • Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others
  • Radiators cold but pipes are hot
  • Boiler regularly shuts down and needs restarting
  • No water escapes when you bleed a radiator
  • Noisy radiators and or / boiler
  • Small leaks in radiators

Benefits of a Powerflush?

  • Radiators will heat up quicker
  • Radiators will get hotter
  • Quieter radiators / boiler
  • More energy efficient system = cheaper energy bills
  • Higher hot water temperatures
  • More reliable i.e. less chance of breakdown
  • Increase the life of your heating system

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